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Who’s Afraid of ‘Y’ Seams?

Blocks and Borders and Sashing Oh My! Before the age of rotary cutters, quilters designed some of the most beautiful blocks around and a lot of them contained ‘Y’ seams. With the development of rotary cutting methods and the desire to make all thing simple, ‘Y’ seams went the way of the dinosaur. This class will help take the fear out of constructing blocks that our fore-quilters had no problems with. Blocks like the Baton Rouge block and other ‘Y’ seamed blocks will start appearing in our quilts again after you learn how easy ‘Y’ seams really are.
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Whacky & Stacky With a Twist

This class takes the student through the ‘Stack-n-Whack’ technique designed by Bethany Reynolds, only with the addition of a secondary focus fabric placed to change the look of the basic pinwheel block to create an original design
Slice and Slash Curves

This class shows the student an alternative method to curved piecing without sewing curved seams. Ten 18-inch squares of fabric are used to create the nine block, curved pieced top, complete with sashing and border.
Stack Four

This class takes the Stack and Whack method developed by Bethany Reynolds and by using four repeats of a design and paper piecing, creates an original design with secondary patterns.
Diamonds are Forever

Use your imagination and those beautiful fabrics in your stash that you can't bring yourself to cut up and create your own center medallion and build the diamonds to set around it. By using a variety of fabrics in any theme you select, you will have a quilt like no other to throw on your bed or hang on your wall. You can have diamonds because "Diamonds are Forever:".

Pattern Required for Class $20